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Association~Compassion and Empathy for all!


"we are more than consumers, who work and pay taxes"  Elizabeth Gilbert  tells us to "create beyond fear"

On ABC Radio, Elizabeth described creative art, as "...the work wants to be made and wants it to be made through you."


Join ADaMS and assist creativity.



Our Vision

“Enrich & strengthen the Community by empowering Community culture and a sense of belonging.”

Our Mission

To assist volunteers, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity to contribute to the life of their community, enrich their own lives and enhance their employability skills.

  • Initially ADaMS will build strong, cohesive and expanding Regional communities through empowering and enriching participation in Drama and Musical societies via ongoing skills and knowledge development of volunteers.
  • ADaMS strongly supports Regional Australia, especially in Schools.

Our Philosophy~"Belonging in a Community"

Jobs attract people, but the quality and kind of culture keeps them. 

Direct involvement in cultural activities creates a sense of belonging and helps people integrate into a community.

Our Association connects, educates and facilitates action with its members and stakeholders; and is a source of quality, trusted knowledge; including referral to existing quality networks and sources of knowledge.

  • Our purpose is information collection, packaging & dissemination, identifying gaps (needs) and providing or brokering knowledge solutions from articles to courses, conferences and interactive workshops. "Sharing Wisdom"

ADaMS Background

Drama & Musical societies rely on hundreds of willing volunteers whether in the cities or the regions. Without these volunteers many if not most such groups could not exist. 

Yet, our research indicates there is little available to assist the volunteers to improve their skills or encourage others to join in the productions regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

“Volunteer burnout” for people who work backstage is a problem. 

Because backstage work lacks the “glamour” and recognition of onstage work, there is a shortage of knowledgeable and skilled people who can be relied upon to build the sets, make the costumes, apply the makeup, do the lighting and sound, find the props and run front of house and publicity and do other necessary administrative work associated with mounting a production.

  • Our Research reveals a large number of courses to train onstage and backstage performers, but most are aimed at people who want a professional career. 


  • These courses, run mainly in the large cities, require a substantial time and financial commitment - they tend to be “Just in Case” rather than “Just in Time” courses. 

These Courses don’t seem to cater to the needs or financial and time constraints of the many people who have no interest in a professional career, but want to be involved, for all the reasons that have been well documented, in being a “volunteer in a community project”.

New Membership forms for Groups and individuals~2017-18

New Membership forms for Groups and individuals~2017-18, will be released in late April, 2017, until then Individuals may email request for the old 2016 membership forms.

2017-18 Fees

Membership Fees are unchanged, at $15 for Individuals and all Fulltime Students $5,


All Community Groups $69.00 for the 2017-18 Year, if paid by June 30th, 2018

Advisory Council nominations

These will open as normal in September, on September 21, 2017 and close on November 30th, 2017 at 5pm.

  • Our General Meeting will be held in September 2018

Contact: Secretary General for details and forms.


  • New membership email after September 30, 2017.


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