Seminars and Workshops~Special Regional Offer 2017-18


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Special Regional Offer 2017~24 April Update

  • 2018 Seminar/Workshop is to be in Armidale.

Details will be announced and will be published in November, 2017 about a major Regional Seminar of Drama and Musical Societies for Regional areas of NSW during 2017-18.

Our Seminar will address the future needs of:-

Community Volunteers in Drama and Musical Societies; especially in regards to professional development of backstage, front of house and producers in Regional Drama and Musical Societies.

  • Location will be in a regional town, centrally located outside of the Sydney region.

It is anticipated 1 and 2 day pilot workshops will commence during mid 2018.(Delayed now to September, 2018)

24 April 2017 Update~Social Impact

Our 2018 Community Leadership Seminar for Leaders in Drama and Musical Societies(including Choirs)will be fully outlined during November, 2017(eNewsletter~Magic Curtain).

  • Our key purpose is to create better leaders for a better Australia. "Creating leaders, who create leaders!"
  • Building Capability and Capacity in Regional Australia.
  • Sharing Wisdom, Adaptive and eLeadership models.

 JUNE/JULY Invitation to Community Drama and Musical Groups for early entry.

(Get your EOI form by end of May, submit by June 30th)

#Please See~June Invitation Page

During November 2017, we will be inviting interested individuals from Choirs, Drama and Musical groups to 2 professional development programs aimed at those “backstage heroes”

"sharing wisdom in our Community"

 # Full details also will be in our 2017 eNewsletter, "Magic Curtain".

  • Ideally, Presidents and Secretaries from Drama and Musical Societies, initially in regional NSW, need to attend this exciting and informative Seminar(delayed to April 2018) on “Leadership in Community organisations” in Armidale,NSW.

This Seminar will also most likely be at The Armidale School’s Hoskins Centre for Performing Arts, in Armidale.

2017-18 Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Amateur Choirs, Drama and Musical Societies are invited to send their EOI, by June 30th, 2017 for both the 2018 Workshops and Seminar to receive an Application form to:~.

Numbers are strictly limited, to ensure “active hands on” exciting workshops and “maximum networking opportunities” to share ideas for improving Arts in your Community.

Personal Invitations will be issued during late November, 2017

Educators at last awake! STEAM

For many years educators have hailed applied science and the need for more STEM education.

That is, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; and certainly the need for high quality teaching in these subjects exists.

Creativity and innovation was missing in the STEM push for Excellence.

Now this is corrected in the USA during 2016, with a new educational push~STEAM!

Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.We salute STEAM educators everywhere ~ enjoying excellence and creativity.

New Website during late August

New Website Coming August/Sept 2017

Our website has changed, but major changes delayed until after September, 2018.

July 2017 Update

President Mike Barnacoat(2015-19) today announced,"Regional Seminar details, including Themes and Presenters, will be added to the Website during, 2017-18."

  • Details about 2018 July pilot workshops for volunteers will be announced also during late November, 2017 based on initial basic research in ACT and in the New England region of NSW last year.

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Regional Research

Useful Regional Links (From the CAMRA Project)

Cultural Asset Mapping for Planning and Development in Regional Australia (CAMRA)

  • RANSW partnered with the University of Technology, Sydney(UTS), the University of Wollongong(UoW), the University of New England(UNE) and 10 other community partners for a successful ARC Linkages Project announced on 26 September 2007.

A full list of publications linked to the CAMRA project are available here

Outcomes: During 2013, the publication, All Culture is Local: good practice in regional cultural mapping and planning from local government, was published and released as a free resource.

  • When societies in regional Australia are rapidly changing, this CAMRA project examined ways many areas might revitalise their economies and communities by engaging in new approaches to the arts and creative activity.
  • For consumers and producers alike, many regions in Australia offer opportunities for enhanced cultural activity and productivity and quality of life.


ADaMS endorses and supports Development in Regional Australia.

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