“The arts are how we express ourselves, how we explain ourselves, how we understand ourselves as Australians.

When we tell our stories through the arts, we are creating a chronicle that transmits a shared sense of the Australian self through generations."

Source: www.100positivepolicies.org.au

 Surprise resignation of our President before our 2018 September General Meeting. (More Details in our 2017 eNewletter)

Welcome and Joyful Health!

After many wonderful experiences working in theatre, film, TV and radio;  I know that whatever magic happens “onstage” would not be possible without the talent, dedication and hard work of the fabulous and tireless “backstage and front of house stars.”

They design and provide the sets, props, costumes, lighting, sound, distribute the posters, look after the money and welcome the audience at the beginning of the show and during interval, keeping them “fed and watered.“

I and my team at ADaMS are looking forward to giving something back to Regional communities by encouraging more people to join Theatre and Musical groups and Choirs and to develop their talents and open up a “new world” of experience and relationships.

Working in “Show Business” or the “Business of Show” is a unique experience which offers so many opportunities for finding your hidden talents, extending yourself and getting to know others in a different light and for them to see you and respect you as a different person.

Unless you participate it’s difficult to explain the feeling when you hear applause for a successful team production. More importantly the feeling of belonging you get from working in a team to achieve success.

However, while there is usually no shortage of actors the “backstage stars” tend to be in short supply. There is a tendency to over use their talents which can lead to “burnout.”

With our “Just in time” courses and other activities we want to provide opportunities for you whether you are young or not so young to learn new skills, find those hidden talents and have fun while at the same time making a fantastic contribution to your own life and that of your community.

Mike Barnacoat, President, 2015-18


Theatre Volunteers